Company profile

Oz On Control is a veteran engineering company in the control market since 1992, which provides technical and engineering solutions to a variety of control areas, including planning and laying down the required infrastructure.

Oz On Control includes a professional team of engineers and practical engineers with extensive experience in the following fields:

HMI, Computers, Threshold Languages, Communication, Electrical Installation, Programmable Controllers,

And infrastructure.

Each project includes: detailed planning, R & D, code writing, simulation, infrastructure implementation, turn-key-project.

Representatives of NR & D

Oz On serves as a representative of NR & D in Israel.

These products serve as an innovative and high-quality supplementary solution for a variety of PLCs in the market.

Such as the MEB:

Mobus plus <-> Mobus / Tcp Ethernet Bridge  

The company's vision

The company enables it to provide its customers with reliable and professional service, to promote innovation in the field, to provide solutions and technological solutions to each customer, with emphasis on the following values:

1. Professional liability.

2. Personal attitude.

3. Fair price.

4. Quality and innovation.

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